Visual Acuity Eye Chart test

An eye chart is typically used by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists to test a persons visual acuity. The eye chart is usually read in a dark room from a distance of 20 feet, but in many cases the chart is mirror reflected in the eye doctors offices due to a lack of room. Visual acuity is represented as a fraction. The distance you are able to legibly read the chart from makes up the top part of fraction. The normal legible viewing distance makes up the bottom of fraction. For example, from 20 feet, if you can read the letters on the row marked 40ft, then you are near sighted and have visual acuity of 20|40 which is 1/2 normal.

The following Ultimate Snellen 3.1 chart is a great way to test your visual acuity using your computer monitor. It's an Eye Chart on your computer.

Testing Visual Acuity using an Eye chart on your PC:

The chart shown below is slightly smaller than normal. The actual distance required to read the chart is roughly 60% of what is listed on each line. The full screen eye chart listed below is more accurate.

Click Here to launch the full screen eye chart visual acuity test from your computer.

You can also download the full Acuity test from Here in zip format.

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