Road Runner Turbo Speed Test

Road Runner Turbo Speed Test: After upgrading from Road Runner Standard to Road Runner Turbo cable internet service, you might feel the need to test out your new and improved internet connection speed. Of course a simple Google search for speed test will result in many great services that offer bandwidth or speed testing. However, consider that many online speed testing tools are likely hosted on servers with a limited bandwidth. To truly perceive the bandwidth capabilities of your connection, it's probably best to connect directly to the source. In my case, the Road Runner Speed Test via Time Warner Cable.

Considering that Time Warner Cable is providing my Road Runner Turbo internet service, I am assuming that the results gathered by using their speed testing tool should be the most accurate. Here were my results:

Road Runner Turbo Speed Test:

Road Runner Turbo Speed Test

As you can see, my download speed is above the rated 10Mb/s

The upload speed is right on par at just under 1Mb/s

Feel free to test your speed with the Road Runner Speed Test tool

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