Get Ford Build Date from Window Sticker

Just recently I was informed by Ford Customer Service that you can get the approximate build date of a newer Ford Vehicle from it's online viewable Window Sticker.  You can even print or save a pdf version of the Window Sticker for newer Ford vehicles, simply by entering the VIN for the vehicle you would like to lookup (Get Window Sticker From VIN). Here is how:

How to get the Approximate Ford Build Date from the Online Window Sticker

Enter your Ford VIN into the box and press Get Window Sticker

Look at the bottom right hand side of the Window Sticker for a 13 digit code. The date is coded in the 8 digits starting with the second digit. Year/Month/Day For example, the Approximate build date for the 2013 Mustang Window Sticker shown below is 05/04/2012.

Build Date From Window Sticker

I was told that this date is not always accurate, and that the best method to obtain build date is via the door sticker. However, this method should get you close enough to a build date if you do have the VIN but do not have access to the vehicle (for example if you have placed a custom order for a NEW Ford that has yet to arrive).

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