DSM2 Ladybird Bind and Fly Review

DSM2 Bind and Fly JR/Spektrum Ladybird Review; I recently purchased a 9imod Ladybird Flight Control Board/DSM2 Receiver to use with my current Walkera QR Ladybird V2 and also a 9imod Bind And Fly DSM2 Ladybird.

Manufactured in Hong Kong and for sale by 9imod, this DSM2 Ladybird receiver allows you to bind your Ladybird with any DSM2 compatible JR or Spektrum transmitter. I personally use a Spektrum DX8. The DSM2 Bind and Fly Ladybird sold by 9imod is essentially just a Walkera Ladybird with their own DSM2 4-axis Flight-Ctrl Board for JR / Spektrum already installed.

DSM2 Ladybird bound to my Spektrum DX8 Transmitter

DSM2 Ladybird DX8

9imod 4-axis Flight Control Board – Motor rotation/plugs

9imod DSM2 Ladybird Flight Control Board

How to Swap the Walkera Ladybird flight controller with the 9imod:

  1. Unplug motor wires from the factory board
  2. Unscrew and remove the factory board
  3. Swap booms so that the right boom is now left and left is now right
  4. Reinsert the motor wires as illustrated
  5. Connect the battery to the Ladybird (LED blinks quickly)
  6. Set Transmitter to bind (When LED blinks slowly, release TX bind)
  7. Ladybird LED should now be solid (ready to fly)

Note: 3D mode is selectable via the gear switch on your transmitter.

DSM2 Ladybird Flight Impressions

Compared to a stock Walkera QR Ladybird V2 with a Devo Transmitter, the DSM2 Ladybird was much more stable and predictable. It seemed like the stock Ladybird wanted to bounce a little bit when returning the sticks to center. The DSM2 version did not exhibit this behavior. Being able to switch to 3D mode via the gear channel was nice. It's also nice to be able to take advantage of my Spektrum DX8 exponential values and set alerion/elevator travel (options not available on the cheap Devo 4 transmitter).