Blade Nano QX Review

Superseding it's Blade MQX predecessor, the Blade Nano QX is sure to be a hit. I feel privileged to have been involved in it's creation by submitting recommendations to Horizon's  Blade Design team. My idea was to create a Micro Quad Copter similar to the MQX, but smaller and simpler (for indoor/outdoor use). The Blade MQX is no doubt an easy to fly machine, and does well outdoors. However, it contains way too many moving parts, is bulky, and is not much fun to fly in small spaces.

Weighing half an ounce, the Blade Nanocopter QX seeks to resolve these issues, while remaining competitive with the current Microquad – Nanoquad market such as the DSM2 Ladybird.

As if the Blade MQX wasn't already easy enough to fly, the Blade Nano QX Quadcopter includes the new SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) Technology, making it even easier for beginners to learn to fly.

Horizon's Photo of the Blade QX Nanocopter:

Blade Nano QX

Unboxing the NEW Blade Nano QX:

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX Flight Video:

Overall, I really like my Blade Nano QX. It flies very well indoors in SAFE (Stability Mode). Agility Mode works well too. Precise and predictable!

The Nano QX also flies nice (without wind) outdoors.  Although, unlike my DSM2 Ladybird which is a little heavier and more stable, the Nano QX can easily drift away regardless of control input with moderate (15+ mph) winds.

I feel the Nano QX is an improvement over the Blade MQX, which flew well, but was too big to comfortably fly indoors.

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